Noble Outfitters Allison Long Sleeve Pull-On Show Shirt

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This Allison white show shirt in horseshoe print balances function and fashion perfectly. The sleek, beautiful design allows you to ride in style, whilst a durable and flexible light-weight construction allows you to perform your best in the utmost comfort. The interior horseshoe pattern design adds a touch of vibrant individual flair without being distracting or informal.

  • The shirt is constructed from lightweight synthetic materials - nylon (83%) and spandex (12%) - to maximise flexibility, allowing you to move with ease whether you are show-jumping, performing dressage or eventing.
  • Opti-Dry Technology is coupled with ‘Power-stretch’ under-arm panels to prevent the build-up of moisture, allowing you to stay cool and composed even in the heat of competition.
  • Long-sleeves give both a formal appearance and protection, and the cuffs feature pearl snap detailing for an understated design flourish.
  • The woven snap collar, which can be worn either snapped or unsnapped to suit your preference, features an interior repeating horseshoe pattern and velvet ribbon detailing to contrast with the pure whiteness of the jersey. This garment equally balances a traditional formal look with a dash of character and vibrancy.
  • Featuring UPF 40 protection, this shirt gives you peace of mind that you can stay protected and cool even when riding under the unabating summer sun.