Nathe Standard Loose Ring Mullen Mouth Bit

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This Herm Sprenger® Nathe Standard Snaffle has a 20 mm hypoallergenic thermoplastic mouth with steel core and high-quality stainless steel 55 mm rings.

This snaffle bit has a mouth- and tongue-friendly design with low port. Commonly suitable for young or sensitive horses, it applies steady and even pressure on the tongue. Higher pressure is applied to tongue edges from rein aids.  

Benefits of the thermoplastic mouthpiece:

  • Appreciated by sensitive and mouth-sensitive horses.
  • Promotes bit acceptance.
  • Excellent tolerance and hypoallergenic.
  • Food-safe, solvent-free, no plasticizers.
  • Smooth surface with no eraser-effect.
  • Temperature-neutral and highly flexible when cold.
  • Dimensionally stable; high mechanic resistance.

Made in Germany.
Hand wash.

20mm thick mullen mouth snaffle. 70mm rings. Made of thermoplastic.