Nathe Flexible Mullen Mouth Dee Ring Bit (120mm and 130mm left)

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This Herm Sprenger® Nathe D-Ring Snaffle Bit features a 20 mm flexible, hypoallergenic thermoplastic mullen mouth with a steel core and 75 mm stainless steel cheeks.

A mouth- and tongue-friendly bit, it lies steadily in the horse’s mouth without slipping through sideways. The low allows steady and even pressure distribution on the tongue. Fixed cheeks provide direct impact on the tongue and lower jaw. They also provide lateral contact, which helps horses that tend to fall out while turning or approaching an obstacle. Bit guards, included, protect the lips.

Benefits of the thermoplastic mouthpiece:

  • Appreciated by sensitive and mouth-sensitive horses.
  • Promotes bit acceptance.
  • Excellent tolerance and hypoallergenic.
  • Food-safe, solvent-free, no plasticizers.
  • Smooth surface with no eraser-effect.
  • Temperature-neutral and highly flexible when cold.
  • Dimensionally stable; high mechanic resistance.

Hand wash.

20mm thick. Ring diameter 70mm. Thermoplastic mouth piece.