BR Soft Contact Weymouth-14mm Thick

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This high-quality Weymouth curb bit, featuring a low port that offers some tongue relief and fixed cheeks, is made of solid Cuprigan with stainless steel cheeks. Cuprigan is an alloy consisting of 89% copper, 7% aluminium, 3% iron and 1% zinc. The oxidation process of the material gives a pleasant smell and taste.

The anatomical design of the bit follows the shape of the horse’s mouth, which allows for a gentle and even pressure distribution. The design, combined with the unique properties of Cuprigan, encourages the chewing process and saliva production, which allows for a pleasant connection with the sensitive horse’s mouth. The bit applies sharp pressure on the mouth. Mouthpiece thickness is 14 mm, and the shank length measures 140 mm. A matching curb chain is included.

A Weymouth Curb bit is usually used in combination with a bradoon. The double bridle allows the rider to give subtle and fine aids. It also allows the rider to more accurately determine the position of head and neck.