BR Soft Contact Baucher-14mm Thick

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This high-quality single jointed hanging cheek (also known als Baucher), featuring arms with ring that extend upwards and create leverage, is made of solid Cuprigan with stainless steel rings. Cuprigan is an alloy consisting of 89% copper, 7% aluminium, 3% iron and 1% zinc. The oxidation process of the material gives a pleasant smell and taste. The anatomical design of the bit follows the shape of the horse’s mouth, which allows for a gentle and even pressure distribution. The design, combined with the unique properties of Cuprigan, encourages the chewing process and saliva production, which allows for a pleasant connection with the sensitive horse’s mouth. The arms with ring are turned slightly outwards, which allows for optimum freedom of the horse’s head. Mouthpiece thickness 14 mm, cheek length 110 mm.

The arm of a hanging cheek extends upwards from the ring with a small ring on top for attachment of the cheek pieces. Contrary to popular belief, the bit does not exert pressure on the poll. The hanging cheek actually reliefs poll pressure when rein aids are given. Due to this unique effect, poll pressure is lower than in any other snaffle. The bit is well suited for sensitive horses.