ANKY Tailcoat

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The ANKY® tailcoat has an unique cut and tailored style for an extraordinary look. The tailcoat has a flat collar and weighted tails for maximum riding comfort. Tailcoat flaps snap on & can be changed out in color to give you a custom look.This tailcoat is made of a Nanosphere finished material developed by Schoeller, based on a self-cleaning principle by which splashes, stains, dirt and water do not adhere to the fabric but simply run off, even after numerous washes. The jacket has a tailored style and stretch fabric for a perfect fit. The fabric is also wicking and extremely breathable. This jacket is made using a fabric known as NanoShere: natural non-stick and cleaning process known as the non-stick effect.This fabric will maintain its functionality even after numerous washes. This fabric is ideal when competing; ensuring you will stay completely clean!