Welcome Friends.

We are so glad that you are here. If you are an equestrian who loves the sport of riding and the lifestyle that goes along with it, you have landed in the right spot.

We strive to cater to equestrians at all levels of their riding career. Whether signing up for your first riding lesson, or showing at an Olympic level, we are here to equip you and your horse for success.

We at MMEC are riders ourselves, who love the sport, and live the equestrian lifestyle. Mackenzie Moore Equestrian Co. is a Canadian owned and operated small family business – managed and owned by two female entrepreneurs with a passion for horses (well all animals really) and a love of quality made, affordable equestrian products. Our current warehouse is located in the beautiful prairies of Saskatchewan where Anya (the owner) gets your orders ready for you. We have not lost our original roots of being located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Some of you might remember seeing Alyssa – the manager of our former storefronts in person. Alyssa now handles the day-to-day operations, social media, and customer inquiries. Together, we are pleased to serve all equestrians across Canada and the United States of America with our web-based equestrian boutique. 

Core Values:

We believe in the art of riding, the bond between riders and their equine teammates, and the sanctuary of the equestrian community.

We also believe that quality tack does not always have to come with an expensive price tag. We proudly offer desirable tack, equestrian apparel, saddles, blankets, protective leg gear, horse grooming supplies, and so much more.

One of our core business practices is making it our priority to get you the products that you want. In turn, special orders are always welcome.

We are always learning, always growing, and always happy to help you!