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  • Hot Weather Riding Tips

    Hot Weather Riding Tips

    The long, sunny days of summer means more outdoor riding! Some summer days are very hot and humid. This can cause concern over the potential for heat-related health consequences - not only for our horses but for ourselves.

    How hot is too hot when it comes to riding? How can you keep your temperature regulated while working in the barn or riding? Here are some suggestions for preparing you and your horse to deal with the summer heat ahead.

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  • What is Lanolin, and Why Your Tack Needs It.

    What is Lanolin, and Why Your Tack Needs It.
    Lanolin is a natural oil that is found in a sheep's wool. Every year when a sheep is sheared, the wool is washed, and the lanolin is recovered during this cleaning process to produce one of nature's best moisturizers. Why is this important for your tack? Because leather (much like our own skin) thrives when natural moisturizers are applied to it.
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  • Brand Feature: Nathe Bits

    Brand Feature: Nathe Bits
    Nathe bits are a new, hypoallergenic bit designed with sensitive horses in mind. Partnered with Sprenger bits, Nathe bits are quality made, and designed with the sensitive horses' comfort in mind.
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  • Foam Flocked Saddles: The Basics

    Foam Flocked Saddles: The Basics
    Foam flocked saddles can be an excellent option for starting out on your equestrian journey. Foam is made to automatically adjust to fit a wider tolerance of shapes, to offer cushioning and shock absorbency, and to “spring back” to it’s original shape.
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