May 20, 2021

Three Tack Items that are Worth the Splurge when Starting Out with Horses

By Alyssa Currie
Three Tack Items that are Worth the Splurge when Starting Out with Horses

Want to know what's worth the splurge when it comes to outfitting your horse? Here are my top three items that are worth investing into when you're starting out your riding career:

1. A saddle that fits both you and your horse.

This is 100% worth the investment. The best saddle for you is the one that fits both you and your horse. As someone who currently leases, I love the fit freedom of the Bates saddles. Don't be afraid to take your time, and to shop around when looking for a saddle. Also, working with a saddle fitter will ensure that you get all of your requirements met in what you need for a saddle.

2. A good quality bridle.

I made my investment into a good quality bridle last year, and it has been money well spent. Look for high quality, and well crafted leather when searching for your bridle. Some of my favourite brands include Nunn Finer, BR Equestrian Equipment and Waldhausen if you need a starting point.

3. Stirrup leathers with a nylon core.

These do cost a little bit more money than regular stirrup leathers but in my opinion they're totally worth it! They don't stretch out on you, and from a safety standpoint, the nylon core makes the leathers much stronger than traditional stirrup leathers so you don't have to worry about them snapping on you.

Two more bonus options:

Invest in a good girth and a comfortable stirrup irons.

Once again from a safety standpoint, a well made girth is less likely to break on you mid-ride.There are so many girth options out there for your horse too - anatomical, traditional shape, synthetic and so much more. These options can make things more comfortable for your horse.

A comfortable set of stirrup irons that work well for you can help with ankle support, and absorbing concussion. Even just the change in width of the stirrup bed can impact leg stability - I personally love my wide-tread stirrup irons for the extra support that they bring me in the saddle.

(And a cute saddle pad that expresses your personality and complements your horses' coat doesn't hurt either!)