June 03, 2021

Foam Flocked Saddles: The Basics

By Alyssa Currie
Foam Flocked Saddles: The Basics

Foam flocked saddles can be an excellent option for starting out on your equestrian journey. Foam is made to automatically adjust to fit a wider tolerance of shapes, to offer cushioning and shock absorbency, and to “spring back” to it’s original shape. The main idea behind foam flocked panels is that unlike a wool flocked saddle, which usually is fitted to a specific horse, a foam panel saddle in some instances, can be used on many horses.

Some advantages of Foam panels are:

• Foam does not shift or compress and is a resilient material to work with.

• Foam can be appropriate for a saddle that is used on multiple horses as it won't conform to any one horse's back in the way that traditional wool flocking will

• Foam tends to be available in thinner panels that some riders feel provide a closer contact.

If your saddle is foam flocked, the fit should be checked at least once a year - or more often if you notice changes in balance, fluctuations in muscle, or changes in your horse's way of going. With foam, the tree width can be altered, but other fitting adjustment have to be made with shims and corrective pads.